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Serge Janouin-Benanti
Serge Janouin-Benanti

Born in Niort, in the Deux-Sèvres region of France, Serge Janouin-Benanti holds a doctorate in science (Paris XI Orsay) and an MBA from the IAE (Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne). Georges Charpak, Nobel Prize winner in physics, was the rapporteur of one of his theses.

He began his career as a nuclear physics researcher at the CEA and then at CERN in Geneva before working in medical imaging for Thomson and General Electric.

As a consultant for industry and R&D (Research and Development), he managed a consulting firm and worked in many sectors of activity in France and around the world, notably in the automotive, services, agri-food and energy.

From now on, he devotes himself to writing cruel and truthful tales – criminal cases in the form of short stories –, historical novels, or biographical novels of men whose lives are so close to ours and yet so captivating.

It is said to be reserved and not very sociable. However, for those who insist, he knows how to cook small dishes made with mushrooms that he has selected and picked himself, before taking his guests on his sailboat to make them discover the charm of the Black Rocks, the reefs of the Old woman, the Witch, the Skull or the dead men Bay.