Viviane Janouin-Benanti

Suicide: modes of prevention  Version française

One in ten people think of suicide!
Know how to intervene

Preface by Prof. Pierre CÜER

Coordinator of European and international university training in Bioethics and president of the European network "Medicine, Ethics and Human Rights".

The book consists of 3 parts:

  • The first part consists of short life stories to help understand and prevent risky situations.
  • The second part contains 10 practical factsheets showing the warning signs of suicide.
  • The third part describes in detail suicide prevention in CANADA

Prevent suicide, know how to intervene

The best way to prevent suicides is first and foremost to detect risky situations. Through 51 real-life stories in industrialized countries and 10 fact sheets, learn how:

The goal of this book is to deliver as many keys as possible so that everyone can avoid suicide.

Viviane Janouin-Benanti took advantage of a 7-month stay in Canada and the USA to compare suicide prevention cases and methods in Europe and the New World.

Table of Contents

 Preface: Prof. Pierre Cüer 11 Disappearance 113
 Introduction 15 Forced retirement 115
 The fat one 17 Revenge 119
 Loss 23 Cancer 121
 This abandoned father 29 Our infirmity 125
 The bad seed 33 Shame 129
 Violence 37 Return to ordinary life 133
 The boycott 41 Bullying 134
 Far from the dream 45 Back to basics 136
 Bikini 47 I'll surprise you all 139
 Exceeded 51 Burial of a human being 142
 This past that haunts you 54 Imitation 145
 Grief of sight 57 The rupture 148
 Rape 61 Child Despair 151
 Indifference 65 Dying together 155
 Bachelor's degree or death 68 Prince Charming 157
 Everything is better so 73 Round-trip 161
 The instrument of divorce 78 Fortune-telling 165
 Absolute love 81 Cowardice 171
 Expectation 85 The pact of not-forgotten 175
 Cosmic Sects 89 Denial 178
 Bankruptcy 91 Suicide in U.S. 179
 The race against time 95 Collective suicides are not new 181
 Life imprisonment 98 Conclusion 185
 Guilt 99 Suicide Prevention in Canada 185
 Hostage 101 Useful addresses and telephone numbers 193
 The tattoo 103
 Accused! 105
 Defection 109
 Abstinence 111

Practical information sheets such as: